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Drummond House Movers....

With over 60 years of experience in raising and relocating cottages and bungalows, we're your clear choice in eastern Ontario for qualified, professional service.

Owner-operator Davey Drummond manages this established and respected team of small structure raising to large structure raising and relocating professionals. Contact us today for a quote on your project or to inquire about our services.

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"From being the little guy tagging along who always seemed to be getting in the way, to owning the business myself, I've learned a lot! What I'm striving for with my business is to provide quality, affordable services 'for the little guy.' If you want to raise a cottage, bungalow, or large structure raising building, and want to work with someone who really cares about you, and about what he is doing, then give me a call. I'll return your call, I'll come out and talk with you personally, and I'll give you a quote that'll put a smile on your face."

Drummond House Movers...

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Email Us: drummondhousemovers@live.ca

Moving houses and raising buildings has been a Drummond Family business for three generations. Davey's Grandfather started the business in 1956, and his father and his father’s twin brother took it over in 1970.

Now it's Davey's turn, and the family experience he brings to the job is evident.

DrummonD House Movers

Three Generations of Building Movers

I spotted a small 11 X 14 Cabin for sale this summer and was pleased to learn it was priced less than half the cost to build one. In excellent condition and already wired, insulated and dry walled, it seemed ideal for a guest house on our existing cottage lot on White Lake. Our winding, rock-laden, tree encroaching and power line threatened spur road seemed impassable for such a large, pre-made structure, but Davey Drummond's experience and expertise proved more than up to the task. In less than four hours from start position in a field near Almonte to resting on its new pads approx. 40kms away, our new bunkhouse arrived unscathed. Excellent planning, the right equipment and, most importantly, the kind of 'go for it' confidence that gets the job done - safely! Thanks doesn't cover it, but thankful I am, to Davey and his experienced crew.

Great Job, Guys!

Dean Batstone

Cabin Delivery - White Lake

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent service. My experience with other contractors has left me somewhat disappointed; however, it is good to know there are still some good people like you who are willing to do that little bit extra. Your assistance and advice has been greatly appreciated.

Thanks again.

Mike Tarle

Cottage Raising - Bass Lake

We had several estimates and a long wait before any of the other contractors could even start. You accommodated our tight schedule, came in with a better price, and finished on time and with great professionalism and attention to detail. We'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for that and offer our recommendation to anyone else seeking your services.

Thanks again, Davey.

Gary and Sandy DuCharme

Cottage Raising - Lake Clear

DrummonD House Movers

Three Generations of Building Movers

Contact Us:

Email Us: drummondhousemovers@live.ca
Call Davey Drummond at: 613.223.4396
Sorry, but I am not licensed to work in Quebec. 
I am FULLY insured and registered with WSIB. 

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